environmental design consultants
Landscape Architecture, Master Planning and Urban Design
india / uae / eu


We believe in working ‘with the clients’ than ‘for the clients’ aiming at sharing our multi-faceted skills and experiences with them.

This is affirmed by the fact that we have a history of clients who have trusted us by providing multiple opportunities to work for them over the years.

We aim to make the ‘work together’ approach as an enjoyable and learning experience for our fellow members by sharing experiences, resources and available opportunities.


We have a free and open studio environment where our members walk in to enjoy their valuable contributions.

We believe in complete professional growth of our members. The fact that we all work independently as well as we work together, allows each of us to sharpen our skills and enhance our services in terms of quality and efficiency.

Our vision directs us to work collectively by collaborating and coordinating with experts from various fields to scrutinize and decipher the infinite complexities in order to bring forth the most efficient and sustainable solutions.