environmental design consultants
Landscape Architecture, Master Planning and Urban Design
india / uae / eu
About Us 





Environmental Design Consultants  was established as a joint enterprise bringing together the expertise of

Landscape I Architecture I Master Planning I Urban Design.


The objective of the collaborative set forth the efforts towards learning and evolving holistic development solutions.

Adapting to the most proficient design, planning and management principles and solidly backed by genuine environmental and social ethics. 


Since 1995,We have successfully completed a wide range of works in the field and across the globe.





edc I HIVE

With over 25 years of extensive effort and application in the field,

edc I HIVE was initiated aspiring at appropriately balancing the effort and energies  towards,

Practice I Research I Education.

Representing a multitude of creatively motivated individuals unified in purpose towards collective & constructive contribution. 

It focuses on integration and linking of the resources, sharing of the gathered experience and knowledge, besides nurturing the talent and possibilities for the future. 


The formation of the HIVE has lead to an integrated network where multi-disciplinary efforts collaborate and corroborate towards the environment and the society.


We prefer to call it, our HIVE.